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Wmf / Lono / Low temperature vacuum cooking machine

by Wmf
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Original price €249,00
€249,00 - €249,00
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WMF, Lono. Low temperature vacuum cooking machine for healthy foods and gourmet dishes. Precise temperature regulation allows for delicate and optimal sous vide cooking: tender and flavourful results, with up to 40% more mineral salts and 20% more vitamins. It can cook for up to 72 hours. WMF has equipped this sous vide cooking machine with several features and an ingenious design: adjustable temperature levels from 35 °C to 90 °C, two programmable settings, WMF Easy Handling handles, an easy-to-use control slider, a display LCD and much more. WMF is a German company founded in 1853. Today famous for its Cromargan stainless steel (patent protected), the dishes do not scratch or stain and are dishwasher safe. Basically, indestructible.

Code 0415360011 Width 40 cm; Height 34 cm; Depth 20 cm; Weight 3,685 kg