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Royal Copenhagen

Royal Copenhagen is a historic Danish company founded in 1775 in Copenhagen. Its logo symbolizes the connection with the sea and represents its straits: Øresund, the Great Belt and the Little Belt. Famous for its figurines, it celebrates the great novelist Hans Christian Andersen with the Little Mermaid which becomes a decorative figurine or a splendid character on collector's plates. Furthermore, the brand achieved international fame with little Elsa and with all the characters who tell the poetics of feelings. Royal Copenhagen's Christmas collection includes the annual plate in porcelain and precious cobalt blue and decorative objects such as bells, figurines, vases and spheres. Furthermore, the flat services are of great value. Among the most representative is the famous Flora Danica service commissioned by the Danish royal family as a gift for Empress Catherine II of Russia. Today, the collection embraces a modern style, with essential lines but continues to reflect the classic heritage of porcelain manufacturing.


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