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Ballarini / Cortina granitium eco / Induction pan 32 cm

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Original price €48,00
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Ballarini, Cortina Granitium eco. Aluminum non-stick pan made with stone particles which make it among the most resistant in the world. Plus it's an ally for your health: the non-stick is PFOA-free, heavy metal-free and nickel-free. Fats during cooking are reduced or even eliminated. Food does not stick and the heat is distributed evenly. The patented Thermopoint device indicates when the heat has reached the right temperature. Suitable for gas stove, electric stove, infrared grill and glass ceramic. Ballarini was founded in 1889 and is historically considered among the leading companies in the home cooking sector. Only in 2009 did he enter the professional sector.

Code 1009767 Width 46 cm; Height 6 cm; Depth 33 cm; Weight 1.34 kg